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The main aim of these pages is to help you turn this: into this: ...and fast!

It's not just about being able to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube, but about being able to solve it in anything as fast as 12-14 seconds on average!

Beginner Solution Section

If you are just starting out with the cube, this section is for you! Dan takes you through a basic solution that requires little memorisation, but doesn't force you to learn anything that you wouldn't then use again in a more advanced solution. There are plenty of diagrams and explanations to help you along the way, and with practice you will soon be solving the cube in less than a minute!

Fridrich (CFOP) System Section

If you can already solve the cube, and are looking to get faster, the Fridrich System could be what you are after. Here Dan will take you through the whole solution step by step, and provide you with all the standard algorithms required to solve using the Cross, F2L, Orientation, and Permutation stages. Diagrams and hints are included throughout, and when you have mastered it you could be solving in an average of as few as 13 seconds!

Vandenbergh-Harris (VH) System Section

Lars Vandenbergh of and Dan Harris collaborated to come up with a system that has become a useful stepping stone between the advanced CFOP system and the expert ZB system. The system achieves similar effects but with far less algorithms, and the algorithms you do learn will not become superfluous if you then decide to go on and learn the ZB system!

Zborowski-Bruchem (ZB) System

Zbigniew Zborowski of and Ron van Bruchem of independently worked on this system and eventually collaborated to set out the strict steps of the method. This system is highly expert, in it's full form it requires knowledge of almost 500 algorithms to solve the Last Layer alone! However, I believe that if this system is fully mastered, averages of around 11 seconds or just below are possible.

Harris 6-step Method

Dan Harris' experiment in an attempt to reduce the standard 7-step CFOP into a manageable 6-step system.

Algorithm Overview

In this section you can find an easy to use overview of all the algorithmic sets used in the above 3x3x3 solutions, along with printable pages.

Notation Glossary

A handy reference describing all the tokens used in the HarrisENG speedcubing notation, which is used throughout this website.

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