March 31, 2023.
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There are several ways to attack the cube when you first start out, the method described here is just one of the many good methods you can find on the Internet. I have tried to combine a balance of few algorithms, intuitive concepts, and learning things that will still be useful to you when you go on to more advanced methods.

Firstly, I take you through the preliminary information which is useful for you to know before you attempt the cube. Read through this carefully, and the rest of the beginner section will make more sense and be more easily accessible. Then I introduce the moves step by step, until you end up with the solved cube.

However, before you proceed, I strongly recommend you check out European Champion Joel van Noort's Introduction to Speedcubing for Beginners post on the forum, it is extremely readable and will clear up a lot of questions you might have at the beginning!

Best of Luck! - DanH

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