World Climate Explorer

Friday 15th October, 2021Posted by Dan


I've re-written and re-launched my World Climate Explorer, with climate information also brought up to date (to end of September 2021).

Explore over 36.8 million climate records from around the globe!

If you spot any bugs or come across any issues/have suggestions, please get in touch.

NCIC UK Monthly Climate Explorer

Tuesday 12th October, 2021Posted by Dan


I've added a page which allows you to visualise the monthly climate summaries for the stations offered by the National Climate Information Centre

These data will be updated monthly as NCIC make it available.

Roost AWS Virtual Tour

Wednesday 29th September, 2021Posted by Dan


I've added a page with photos and descriptions of the various bits and pieces of weather equipment being operated here at the Roost.

Monthly Climate Stats - Countries

Wednesday 29th September, 2021Posted by Dan


I've now added estimates (post-processed from SYNOP reports) of the current month's climate (temperature, rainfall, sunshine) for the individual countries which comprise the UK.

I will get round to completing all the regions at some point, but it's quite a big piece of work!

UK Daily Anomaly Plots

Friday 17th September, 2021Posted by Dan


I have recently been working on improvements to my daily anomaly graphs, particularly in regards to generating a more accurate "daily" climatology, and better estimation of the observed daily means in real-time.

I'm pretty happy now with my daily temperature anomaly estimations, I hope to expand this over the coming days to include rainfall, options to select a climate reference period for anomalies, and expand it to estimate anomalies for the different countries and regions of the UK

UK Climate Scatter Plots

Saturday 4th September, 2021Posted by Dan


I've recently been working a lot on various visualisations for UK climate statistics published by NCIC, including estimations of the current figures using bias corrected SYNOP observations.

You can explore the data using the scatter plots I've produced by clicking the link below.

UK Daily Max/Min PMSL

Tuesday 24th August, 2021Posted by Dan


I've added a page which shows the maximum and minimum surface pressure for each day.

This should update daily from the SYNOP reports as they come in.

Integrated Radar

Wednesday 4th August, 2021Posted by Dan


I've finally (more-or-less) finished building an integrated radar application, although these things are never truly finished.

Use the link below to try it out, and if there any problems please get in touch.

July 2021 Climate Data

Monday 2nd August, 2021Posted by Dan


Climate data for the UK, from the National Climate Information Centre, is now available to view on the UK Climate page. Including CET, UK/regional series, and anomalies c/f 1991-2020 climate.

Database back up and running

Thursday 22nd July, 2021Posted by Dan


I've now added SYNOP data for the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man dating back to 2000 into the database - nearly 40 million individual observations. Unfortunately, with it being raw data, there are a lot of coding errors etc... guess those will take a while to identify and correct.